Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wii, Mii and Lots of fun.

Back in 2006 , I had this little prediction when Wii was just coming out that it will be a huge hit though I was owning an XBOX at that time.I did not buy a Wii for a long time initially because my good friend Jacob and I play on weekends with his son Dennis . Then later on I did not want to spend crazy money on ebay or Amazon to get hold of one. The part where being an MVP you get games at a discount from the MS Store also added to my XBOX affiliation. The starting of the year had some darstic changes prompted by one of my new year resolution to lose some extra pounds. Well not that I have not taken this resolution in the past , but have never been committed to it . But this time there is more than a few pounds of steak but more prides at stake ( my lame attempt to make it rhyming hm..! ) .Most of you who know me , know about my crazy cousins too . This time we have turned it into our own version of the biggest loser with online tracking and statistics . Check it out here .

What does all that got to do with Wii. Well after weighing in for the initial base weight and agreeing on percantage weight loss achieved as our winning criteria . There is a prize for total weight loss too clearly skewed in favour of the big guys, I came back to NY and realized in Jan that I am actually going the other way that is (gulp!) gaining ! . Well now once a game is on , it's on . Probably all that good food at home and the amount of stuff that gets packed for you by family , that you are literally hoping no one opens your bags in airport :-) lest they suspect you are opening a mini indian store
So my game plan came down to this , Cut my gym membership! yeah sounds crazy ! I realized I was not going there as often as I used to and I had many excuses to bunk , Too much work at office, too cold, too chilly , cant clear the snow today morning, will start from next week , my fingers are hurting, Headache , I am really creative here sometime when my wife pushes me to get going. My favorite one I want to play with Adithi our little one , sure to hit home. :-).

Well my strategy was if something has not worked before , find out what is the base reason , In my case I realized what it is , "I plain hate excercise". The very thought of excercising turns me off. There is no intellectual stimulation , neither do I think that is a valuable use of say an hour in your day. The next thing I could do is to play some outdoor games which I really like but being in Corning where you have winter/cold for almost six months does not help . So that boils down to playing an outdoor game indoors or finding a new job. This is exactly where Wii comes in, I have been playing wii for about an hour 2 month now and I have been noticing that I am losing weight and havnig a lot of fun. Binitha also have picked up on wii tennis , she normally does not like video games and Adithi laughs like crazy when she sees both of us making those funny actions and jumping from one part of the room to another swingin and shouting . We are having lots of fun.. I recommend the wii for all you people out there who like games but hate excercise like me . Let me know your wii stories...

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