Friday, December 15, 2006

XBOX 360 vs Wii vs PS3

2 years before when I started hearing about the PS3 and the XBOX 360 and ninetendo's intlligent motion control . I must say I was pretty excited. I presently own an plain normal XBOX . I have played with video games a lot . PLayed and perfected games liek PCMan , Frogger , Teris, Prince of Persia , Carman Sandy , LS Larry,Wolfenstein , Jazz Jack rabbit, Doom , Myst ,warcraft m Shadow warrior Age of Empire, Mythology, Commando .So I feel I am well qualified to write this review or my take on the consoles.

All the consoles are to be frank in different league . Apart from the things liKe HD and the BluRay and the Xbox live features the one thing I am really really excited about is the Wii for one single reason . It gets you out of the couch .

XBOX 360

Having the early mover advantage is with XB360 , It has the widest array of games available on the platform . I frankly like th exbox because of its host of online features and the online gmaing experience . Microsoft has got that community play right with xbox live whihc will be hard to match so fast. It has also built a subsciber revenue model early. Did I mention I already have an XB


Playstation 3 is a bit of enigma.. It might be a big success or a washout. Although the processer ( cell) is the most powerful . None of the games out there except Resistance the fall of man has taken full advantage of Cell . If Blu Ray comes out to be the defacto player standard buying a PS3 makes sense . atleast just for the player whihc costs over a 1000 $ + but that is if Blu Ray becomes the next standard.
There are not many gmaes in PS3 which are exclusinve to PS3 platform like the edge with PS2 enjoyed . So I am skeptical .


The controller itself is amazing . I have been trying to get control of a wii box for quite sometime now but no such luck . Yesterday I saw a couple with thier kid but a Wii game which comes out in February with a wii Remote. I guess I am not the only one.

I plan to cancel my health club membership for a new wii..( I have sold my wife on the idea , though she is not convinced I think ). The intitiveness of the control cannot be argued with.. I have heard reports about the strap breaking and hittting expensive TV's . Wii has recalled the straps and giving free replacement straps which are thicker. So far I have heard only nice things about the wii. Wii has unlocked a whole new segment of population into the gaming mode for good. Playing games helps keep the youth in you alive.

I am sure Wii will be a winner

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