Saturday, January 28, 2006

Potluck at Tapan's House

These are the hosts Tapan and Kinjal , Both are the real gujaratis to the core.. and is into stocks... Tapan is a fine cook and loves cooking like me .. :-) . Well Tapan made some mind blowing Pav-bhajii and I have never eaten so much pav bhaji in my life..

This is Vishal , Venu and Swapna's (below ) Son... He is 8 months old...

That is Manish (French beard ) and Venu with Tapan towering over..

That is Dr Aruna explaining UNO to Niranjan

Tapan with his cocktail of the day . Margaritas !!!

Me and Bini , we are playing Teen Patti . boy I lost miserably.. I was doing well unitl the last round when I pitted my color against a Triple.. Boy I am a sore loser. It always gets me worked up .

But then the food was excellent apart from the Pav-bhajis there was mango ice-cream , gulab jamun , Dhokla, Fried rice,chholey,egg puffs and a lot of other stuff... which I cant rememeber the name..

This is Rajesh...This color really looks good on him . He is our Biztalk Admin and a card shark .

This is Rashi and Manish . Rashi won the most of the money , She beat me with the TRIPLE 10 . Boy i could not believe that hand..

Well all in all it was a fun get together.. I guess we will have more before this winter is over..

My New Machine

I assembled a brand new machine from scratch , This one is real sweet dream one for me
and it is a welcome break away form my laptop . because now I really get to play with Biztalk on this machine.

This is an AMD 64 bit , 800 FSB board with nvidia on board. 2 Gig of RAM ,
2 hard disks and 80 GB Seagate and and a 120 GB SATA , a 17 " LCD.

Ain't that a real nice one.. Now I am fully into my blogging and since I dont have to share the laptop with Bini .. ;-) .