Friday, February 18, 2005

In the Bowling Lane and guide to Mexican Food

We went bowling yesterday , This was a informal meet up the company had arranged for all the folks . I must say it was fun . I am bowling after a long time and One thing I realized is I am so much out of shape . My arm is practically gone . So plan is to get back in shape . So soon I guess I will be joining the weight watchers squad is a YMCA nearby , They have a nice pool . Swimming was one of my favorite.. past time /exercise .
After that we had some nice Mexican food at Gracias , Some Fajitas and enchiladas.. If you are quite New to Mexican food . Here is a handy guide

A great entrée, guacamole is an avocado-based dip that is green, fairly rich and is made with some onions, lemon, lime juice, and chopped garlic. Complementary dips are salsa and sour cream.

A taco is a large, crisp, edible corn tortilla shell that usually contains minced beef, shredded lettuce, grated cheese, and is commonly topped off with salsa, sour cream or guacamole.

Tacos comes in different types

Original Taco -- a crisp corn tortilla filled with seasoned beef, shredded lettuce and shredded cheddar cheese. This is also called Hard Shell

Soft Taco -- a warm soft flour tortilla filled with seasoned shredded lettuce and shredded cheddar cheese.

You can choose roasted chicken, steak or beef as your filling.

Chicken/Beef/Veg FAJITAS

Fajitas are a grilled marinated chicken/Beef/Vegetables, roasted onions and peppers, tomatoes, cheddar and pepper jack cheeses with seasoned rice and fajita sauce, in a warm soft flour tortilla.

Fajitas : Spanish word for Beef Strips!!

Bean/Chicken/Beef BURRITO

A burrito consists of an edible soft flour tortilla "envelope," wrapped around and stuffed with minced beef, lettuce, cheese, refried beans, sauce, sour cream? you get the idea.


A chimichanga is basically a burrito that is deep-fried and very, very succulent -- if you don't mind greasy food that is


Enchiladas are quite similar to burritos, yet differ in content and flavor.

While a tortilla is folded in order to make an envelope that completely encloses its contents, an enchilada has the tortilla wrapped around the substance, so as to make a cylinder with much the same shape as cannelloni, uncut maki, or sushi rolls.

That ends the Mexican food tutorial and I am off to bed..

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cable and Dish

I am in a DISH JAM . To explain further it has been some time since I bought my New Super Dish and started receiving some Malayalam Channels straight to my home and I was getting to enjoy that .Now suddenly I have moved from New Jersey to Corning New York .This as such is a small town and after moving here I found out that there is not a single Indian restaurant in this city , not an Indian grocery shop . Now now.. You might be wondering why I am making such a hue and cry of not finding a shop in a small city in US .IF you are then you my friend has a thing or two to learn about Indians . Well for starters Every 2 out of 7 people in the world are Indians for that matter 2 are Chinese too.. Home.. kind of funny right more than half the population of the world live in 2 countries in Asia. Ya so the point I was saying is I was surprised to not find an Indian Shop. Well it is in this context that the next tragic incident takes place , the dish technicians who came to my house to install the Dish told me that they cant have the dish installed properly . I almost got a shock , What no more Sunday Malayalam movie for me.. No Surya /Kairali . Apparently the story is when I took this apartment they have some policy of not letting you keep the Dish Outside ur apartment . And Dish folks cant get it to install inside. Catch 22. I guess the whole thing is a nexus between apartment folks and cable companies. I tried to analyze my option but to no avail. I looked up FCC regulations the best I can get from my apartment is that they cant prohibit you from installing it on your balcony . Well for now my research has not yielded anything concrete on those lines
Just in case you are having a similar issue read this

Well anyway I succumbed to Cable television subscription after being close to two years cable free and being a proponent of DISH.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Valentine Confusion

With yet another Valentine's Day is on the cards

I am confronted with the usual problem , what to buy for my wife for valentine's Day . I did run and scan the usual list in my mind.. Chocolates , candy perfumes , cards .. No No it did not seem like what I wanted. Diamonds.. hm... they are too expensive.. and frankly I never got it what is it with a rock.. They have the same structure as graphite you know But they sure as hell is different

Well I was looking for a reasonable ( price ) but innovative. How about pets
Say cats ... No No not cats they kind of behave as if they own the house if you know what I mean . They lay there on your favorite armchair or sofa and when you get home tired as hell they give you that look .. You lowly mortal .. I decided No cats .. Definitely No cats . Maybe Dogs.. hm.. Dogs , I like dogs but then most of the apartments now have no pet policy , I believe our apartment people do . And I think I signed up saying I don't have any pets oh Boy . Who was to know that I would be soon having a pet . It is kind of annoying you need to sign up for this tons of paperwork before you actually get the house; and you end up signing lot of stuff.. like say for example The DISH policy . well oh boy .. I can really get started on that one.. wont I .. but then I will have another post on that .
ah coming back to my pet hunt .. Dogs are also out . How about Birds.. No not birds. I have to cage them up and I don't like that. Something else.. Fish YES ,Thats It an Aquarium , that would be perfect for her . She would love that and I too like aquariums , I always wanted one as a a kid never got one though . Well off I go.. to Petco ..

Ok Back . No No . not from petco . There was no Petco nearby but walmart had one and I ended up buying a 10 gallon tank and I filled it with water , Dechlorinated the water . phew.. There are tons of things that you need to do to have fish as a pet .. you need to have heater to keep water warm .. you should have a filter so that they call clear all the gooey stuff out.. and then .. woah underwater gravel cleaner.. well I am armed with all that . Spent $ 40 and no fish yet..

After another trip to walmart and another 15 $ on fish . Now I have 4 goldfish gliding along in my new fish pond.. my wife loved it.. Already she has named them .. Ah.... it was worth.. it..
Now she has some one else for company..