Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cable and Dish

I am in a DISH JAM . To explain further it has been some time since I bought my New Super Dish and started receiving some Malayalam Channels straight to my home and I was getting to enjoy that .Now suddenly I have moved from New Jersey to Corning New York .This as such is a small town and after moving here I found out that there is not a single Indian restaurant in this city , not an Indian grocery shop . Now now.. You might be wondering why I am making such a hue and cry of not finding a shop in a small city in US .IF you are then you my friend has a thing or two to learn about Indians . Well for starters Every 2 out of 7 people in the world are Indians for that matter 2 are Chinese too.. Home.. kind of funny right more than half the population of the world live in 2 countries in Asia. Ya so the point I was saying is I was surprised to not find an Indian Shop. Well it is in this context that the next tragic incident takes place , the dish technicians who came to my house to install the Dish told me that they cant have the dish installed properly . I almost got a shock , What no more Sunday Malayalam movie for me.. No Surya /Kairali . Apparently the story is when I took this apartment they have some policy of not letting you keep the Dish Outside ur apartment . And Dish folks cant get it to install inside. Catch 22. I guess the whole thing is a nexus between apartment folks and cable companies. I tried to analyze my option but to no avail. I looked up FCC regulations the best I can get from my apartment is that they cant prohibit you from installing it on your balcony . Well for now my research has not yielded anything concrete on those lines
Just in case you are having a similar issue read this

Well anyway I succumbed to Cable television subscription after being close to two years cable free and being a proponent of DISH.

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