Sunday, February 13, 2005

Valentine Confusion

With yet another Valentine's Day is on the cards

I am confronted with the usual problem , what to buy for my wife for valentine's Day . I did run and scan the usual list in my mind.. Chocolates , candy perfumes , cards .. No No it did not seem like what I wanted. Diamonds.. hm... they are too expensive.. and frankly I never got it what is it with a rock.. They have the same structure as graphite you know But they sure as hell is different

Well I was looking for a reasonable ( price ) but innovative. How about pets
Say cats ... No No not cats they kind of behave as if they own the house if you know what I mean . They lay there on your favorite armchair or sofa and when you get home tired as hell they give you that look .. You lowly mortal .. I decided No cats .. Definitely No cats . Maybe Dogs.. hm.. Dogs , I like dogs but then most of the apartments now have no pet policy , I believe our apartment people do . And I think I signed up saying I don't have any pets oh Boy . Who was to know that I would be soon having a pet . It is kind of annoying you need to sign up for this tons of paperwork before you actually get the house; and you end up signing lot of stuff.. like say for example The DISH policy . well oh boy .. I can really get started on that one.. wont I .. but then I will have another post on that .
ah coming back to my pet hunt .. Dogs are also out . How about Birds.. No not birds. I have to cage them up and I don't like that. Something else.. Fish YES ,Thats It an Aquarium , that would be perfect for her . She would love that and I too like aquariums , I always wanted one as a a kid never got one though . Well off I go.. to Petco ..

Ok Back . No No . not from petco . There was no Petco nearby but walmart had one and I ended up buying a 10 gallon tank and I filled it with water , Dechlorinated the water . phew.. There are tons of things that you need to do to have fish as a pet .. you need to have heater to keep water warm .. you should have a filter so that they call clear all the gooey stuff out.. and then .. woah underwater gravel cleaner.. well I am armed with all that . Spent $ 40 and no fish yet..

After another trip to walmart and another 15 $ on fish . Now I have 4 goldfish gliding along in my new fish pond.. my wife loved it.. Already she has named them .. Ah.... it was worth.. it..
Now she has some one else for company..

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