Tuesday, May 17, 2005

24 Hours , 24 Kids , One Big Family

Most of my friends who know me always say that I am a People Guy , well its true but then I have to thank all my cousins for that , 24 in all , This is just from my mothers side . I guess in this era when you have just one brother /sister and 2 or 3 cousins ,I must say we have been pampered with numbers .

Some say Size does not matter but then when it comes to the strength of your kith and kin numbers does matter . As they say about Wolves

The strength of the Wolf is in the pack
and the strength of the Pack is in the Wolf

One thing is that when you have so big a number there is always activity going on . May be it is going for a movie or having our own home cricket/shuttle /football team . We are there.

And we come in all sizes , ages and talents. We have Racing fanatics to computer geeks to Doctors , Engineers , Teachers , Hotel Managers.. let me just say we cover a lot of sectors he he .

and here I chronicle the whole pack. Amrith, Jugunu , Bimal , Binny, Dungu , Abhi(Your truly ) ,Archana, Unni , Cinu, Anu ,Laskshmi, Ullas, Doodi , Roshni, Ajit ,Chitra, Kuttu,Achu, Divya, Shreyas, Hari,Gautham ,Deepthi, Gopika

Well telling about each and everyone will take pages , but I will write in the coming posts.. keep reading this space
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