Thursday, March 09, 2006

My experience at ASPEN Dental Elmira

I had to visit Aspen Dental to get one of my tooth pulled out and upon visitng there , They said it would be better to pull out a lowere wisdom tooth too . I agreed I had already prepaid for the procedure becuse they told me they cant make a reservation for me without a payment . !!
Anyway I went ahead and paid 96 $ for two tooth extractions . I have a guardian PPO plan which has 80% coverage and they had given me this estimate based on a prior visit to their offices for which I was already billed. Before leaving the office I checked with them if I owed anything further and I was told I am good

A few weeks after the extraction I got a new bill of 273 $ apparently.They have now added an additional doctor consultation charge for the day of extraction . I was aghast I called thier office and they told me there is some mistake and I explained I had already come in prior to that day for getting the consultation . Anyway i agreed to yeah there was a consultation .
Even after that I asked them to explain my insurance plan benefits to me and then asked him to explain the bill. So after the explanation I was supposed to pay only 45 $ more.Apparently there was some mistake in the Bill I got (No apologies yet ! ) !!!. He asked me to pay the 45 $ now . I have now requested for a corrected bill and I am awaiting the same now before sending in the payment.

Maybe this was a genuine billing mistake on thier part . But after a bit of googling about ASPEN . I found people with similar experiences. So now I am Skeptic

Do leave me your experiences with Medical Billing

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The new Windows Live

I visited the new windows live site today . .
Frankly I am amazed by the new search . It is still behind on Google in terms of search results but the whole new live experience is awesome .

The birds eye view feature where you can search for a Local place in live and get a birds eye view of the place is awesome . I think this will be a really cool site once it becomes full blown . imagine being able to cruise through streets in Manhattan without ever leaving your PC. Yes the whole thing was there in Google earth before but the level of clarity in live is Breathtaking..

As the search engine takes so much more importance in the new millenium . It will be very ineresting the events that unfurl in this space in this decade.

The Search wars... are heating up