Thursday, March 09, 2006

My experience at ASPEN Dental Elmira

I had to visit Aspen Dental to get one of my tooth pulled out and upon visitng there , They said it would be better to pull out a lowere wisdom tooth too . I agreed I had already prepaid for the procedure becuse they told me they cant make a reservation for me without a payment . !!
Anyway I went ahead and paid 96 $ for two tooth extractions . I have a guardian PPO plan which has 80% coverage and they had given me this estimate based on a prior visit to their offices for which I was already billed. Before leaving the office I checked with them if I owed anything further and I was told I am good

A few weeks after the extraction I got a new bill of 273 $ apparently.They have now added an additional doctor consultation charge for the day of extraction . I was aghast I called thier office and they told me there is some mistake and I explained I had already come in prior to that day for getting the consultation . Anyway i agreed to yeah there was a consultation .
Even after that I asked them to explain my insurance plan benefits to me and then asked him to explain the bill. So after the explanation I was supposed to pay only 45 $ more.Apparently there was some mistake in the Bill I got (No apologies yet ! ) !!!. He asked me to pay the 45 $ now . I have now requested for a corrected bill and I am awaiting the same now before sending in the payment.

Maybe this was a genuine billing mistake on thier part . But after a bit of googling about ASPEN . I found people with similar experiences. So now I am Skeptic

Do leave me your experiences with Medical Billing

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