Friday, August 09, 2002

well I will write later.. today ther was a dance by swingers in Madras Music Academy .i was thinking f I should go but then .. if it is not good I will be stuck alone.. well tomorrow saturday is working I hate working officially on saturdays.. :(
well then tomorrow we shall meet
I am NOT going to write all that agin...
boy I think I better run home and watch the INDIA -England test..
Hope SG makes a good score
Boy I just made a big post and it vanished.. I hate blog.. :((
hey by the way those of who relaly love hindi ad are form a bit engg backgroung. would love the paradoy of the song too
it is supposed to have originated in the halls of IIT bombay click here
It is really nice right !!
well heard lena hoga from th cd my roomie girish bought
well .. I was listening to the song.. Len hoga...for people who have not heard the song..
here is the lyrics for you .. (but then you should knw Hindi )

Phoolon Ke Rang Se Dil Ki Kalam Se, Kujh Ko Likhi Roj Paati
Kaise Batao Kis Kis Tahar Se, Pal Pal Mujhe Tu Satati

Tere Hi Sapne Lekar Ke Soya, Teri Hi Yaadon Me Jaaga
Tere Khayaalon Me Uljha Raha Hoon, Jaise Ke Mala Me Dhaaga

Haan~~ Badal Bijli Chandan Paani Jaisa Apna Pyar, Lena Hoga Janam Hume Kai Kai Baar
Haan~~ Itna Madir Itna Madhur Tere Mera Pyar, Lena Hoga Janam Hume Kai Kai Baar


Saanson Ke Sargam Dhadkan Ki Beena, Sapnon Ki Geetanjali Thu
Man Ki Gali Me Mehke Jo Har Dum, Aisi Juhi Ki Kali Thu

Chota Safar Ho Lamba Safar Ho Sooni Dagar Ho Ya Mela
Yaad Thu Aaya Man Ho Jaaye Bheed Ke Beech Akela

Haan~~ Badal Bijli Chandan Pani Jaisa Apna Pyar, Lena Hoga Janam Hume Kai Kai Baar
Haan~~ Itna Madir Itna Madhur Tere Mera Pyar, Lena Hoga Janam Hume Kai Kai Baar


Purab Ho Pachhim Uttar Ho Dakshin, Thu Har Jagah Muskuraaye
Jitna Hi Jaaon Main Door Tujh Se, Utni Hi Thu Paas Aaye

Aandhi Ne Roki Pani Ne Toka, Duniya Ne Hans Kar Pukara
Tasveer Teri Lekin Liye Main Ghar Aaya SabSe Kinara

Haan~~ Badal Bijli Chandan Pani Jaisa Apna Pyar, Lena Hoga Janam Hume Kai Kai Baar
Haan~~ Itna Madir Itna Madhur Tere Mera Pyar, Lena Hoga Janam Hume Kai Kai Baar

...Kai Kai Baar...Kai Kai Baar

Thursday : Thursday was different day altogether i had taken a movie DevDas last day and had to return it on the way I passed
a funeral . Some people say that seeing funeral procession is luck . Well then why do peole say such things.. I have neer know it devoids a rational explanation unles s one tend to incline towards the supernatural

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Just had grape juic e so back to my post.. as I was telling I didn't like the menu ther but then we couldn't suddenly walk out could we.. So you know what we did Prema ave me aring on my mobile and then took that call ... and said loud..
Abhi> Speaking ! yeah ..
Abhi> oh! is it.. oh.. oh..
Abhi> Really.. Is it very urgent
Abhi> ok ok I will be ther in 10 minutes
and then I jumped up and said to the lady at the counter . we need to rush . I have an urgent call from work and we rushed out of the
restaurant . as soon as we got out.. youshould have seen that ladyt' jaw drop we were laughing all the way to the .. parking lot

Well after that good start with 3 posts in a day I couldnt write much basically because I have a been a bit busy but in the coming days I have decided to log in evry day AFAIC .well then last whole week I am eatin good food from outside.. MOnday I had food with friends outside and on tuesday I was going home and it started raining and I got into Pizza cornetr and had a Pizza for myself .
wednesday again I had a dinner with my good ol'd friend prema . we laughed a lot sharing old jokes .
ya the restaurant something funny happened we had gone to the restaurant that she frequented but then I didn't like the menu there
I think I will have to go now .. hungry!!!

Sunday, August 04, 2002

Well the Indian women's Hockey team has won the Common wealth GOLD and I would like to see all those idiots who said Inida would never wina any team events yes. Indians have talent but sometimes they lacke the good infrastructre. Sometimes I am amaazed inspite of haveing some of the best brains in the world...we are still a developing nation
I guess that didn't make sense to you maybe I don't really other if it makes sense to you coz I am trying to make sense out of life..
.maybe Bini is the only persom who understands me quite a bit besides me of course.. but then that isn't much..
I wish it would rain.. and take away all this.. gloom from peoples faces sometimes I look around me and I feel people are living in a morque.. but then at times it is so bubbly too.. God grant me patience but HURYY .
yesterday was freindhip day and I had sent a lot of cards. Freindship day reminds me of college all the wonderfuil times it is true. college life is a different in iteslef I had some great frined there deepa , kakoli , sam , Ani ,Arch . and a lot more... and my old pal.. Shyam.. life is strange.. very strange you neveer know where it takes you and I always used to think that once we get out of college we might see each other once in maybe two months but then. now I have not seen many in two years but the does that mean I don;t love them or I have forgotten them well no.. but that is how life is... in your quest to live.. you get lost... to speak frankly how many people know where thewy are going.. in life.. sometimes it is really strange but then life is strange..
today I tink I wil post more on myself as I am just starting the posting. well I an IT professional
and well I am a promoter of the FSf movement but my work is not fully FSF related .. FSF is just an idea that I also actively promote.
well I am also a chess enthusiasist.. besides a net addict
Well after some thoughts for a past few months I have decided to put my blogs on the web .for those reading this log and who doesn't know my it is enough to know that my name is Abhi I am 24 yrs ols and am from india . I don't have much philosophies in life. but Live and let live..