Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Indian motivational Industry

What motivtes your people . What transforms oridinary men into visionaries. Surely it is great ideas and the leaving of inhibitions behind to think above the rest. Not to be a face amonth the crowd but to be noticed. to speak up , To change, be an agent for that change.
In India motivation industry is slowly taking off.. Just read this article on the week

These programs at least the good ones go through a very intensive psycho analytical conditoning of your mind. I myself was lucky to attended one by Dr Prasad conducted by AMAYA Management Consultants Chennai . He is a facualty at IIM ahmedbad . Dr Prasad was trained by Dr David McClelland of Harvard University in 'competency analysis' and is a Phd from IIM-A . He has 27 years exploratory research in Creativity-Originality .He is well versed in Upanishads, Tao, Zen; Western thoughts on Mind-Matter-Existence .He has also worked at XLRI-Jamshedpur apart from IIM-A . He runs his school in cochin "School for Creative Perspective"

A session like this especially your FIRO analysis is very imprtant step to bcoming thought leaders

Friday, March 24, 2006

CheckFree EPL showcased in Enterprise Application Block

Saw this news today In patterns and practices home page and I was very happy .
This news talks about a showcase project at checkfree suing Patterns and Practices.

This is the project that I was previously assosciated with , a project where i was part of the core 6 member proposal team and later worked as ont of the tech lead after we won the proposal .
This showcasing gives me a very warm and joy feeling because I was one of the pivotal forces in pushing application block usage in Checkfree EPL right from proposal stage itself .

I have since moved on from Checkfree and Satyam in the grand scheme of things called life but it sure gives joy to read about your past assosciations spoken in showcase.

And that's that.