Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Indian motivational Industry

What motivtes your people . What transforms oridinary men into visionaries. Surely it is great ideas and the leaving of inhibitions behind to think above the rest. Not to be a face amonth the crowd but to be noticed. to speak up , To change, be an agent for that change.
In India motivation industry is slowly taking off.. Just read this article on the week

These programs at least the good ones go through a very intensive psycho analytical conditoning of your mind. I myself was lucky to attended one by Dr Prasad conducted by AMAYA Management Consultants Chennai . He is a facualty at IIM ahmedbad . Dr Prasad was trained by Dr David McClelland of Harvard University in 'competency analysis' and is a Phd from IIM-A . He has 27 years exploratory research in Creativity-Originality .He is well versed in Upanishads, Tao, Zen; Western thoughts on Mind-Matter-Existence .He has also worked at XLRI-Jamshedpur apart from IIM-A . He runs his school in cochin "School for Creative Perspective"

A session like this especially your FIRO analysis is very imprtant step to bcoming thought leaders

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