Sunday, August 04, 2002

yesterday was freindhip day and I had sent a lot of cards. Freindship day reminds me of college all the wonderfuil times it is true. college life is a different in iteslef I had some great frined there deepa , kakoli , sam , Ani ,Arch . and a lot more... and my old pal.. Shyam.. life is strange.. very strange you neveer know where it takes you and I always used to think that once we get out of college we might see each other once in maybe two months but then. now I have not seen many in two years but the does that mean I don;t love them or I have forgotten them well no.. but that is how life is... in your quest to live.. you get lost... to speak frankly how many people know where thewy are going.. in life.. sometimes it is really strange but then life is strange..

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