Friday, June 23, 2006

The World cups and the Korean Connection

It comes once in 4 years . The World cup's . The football world cup and The Cricket world cup . And I go crazy .
My whole schedule goes for a toss at these times . I have to plan my life around the television . No other time of the year do television time command so much time and priority in my life. Luckinly for I have South American fan in my spouse who is an ardent fan of Brazil and Argentina , she has a final prediction of them I still got my vote out for Brazil ..

I have the whole prediction running with my tons of cousins , 26 to be exact..( Anything over 25 qualifies as a ton , at least when you are counting first cousins and this is just one parents side of the family ) . There is a cool ipod to be won .

So the game is hotly contested . See who is winning now

Another interesting thing that happened to me and Bini during world cup is that we started supporting Korea and lot

and have even sported ambitions of learning Korean . Now you might genuinely ask wy this sudden interest in South

Korea . Well two reasons we have a soft corner to Asian teams and Koreans like Brazillians have a cult like attitude

towards football suddenly.. The second reason and whihc is the main reason is I have a Dish at home and I believed I get ESPN , ESPN2 and ABC . Come match day and I realize I dont have ABC in my package but ABC Family which is not telecasting matches. Now suddenly that realization on match day is not a very joyful one as most of the weekend games are on ABC . As I hunt through the spectra of channels that I normally dont watch I stumble upon a channel called KBS ( a Korean Channel ) is showing all world cup matches and hurray . I am hooked on to KBS for the ABC telecast games.

So now you know why my sudden love for Korean .

pohl-gah-yo korea , cho-ah-yo .

Want to learn a little Korean Yourself , Check out

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