Sunday, April 10, 2005

Tring.. Tring.. Mobile Phone.. and me..

Well I have got a new post paid mobile phone last week , well to most of you that is not anyting new but for me it is kind of a different situation . Some years ago I was one of those staunch believers that advocated , I can live without a mobile phone and I had a whole lot of reasons for it.

Camera rolls back to 3 years to TNHB , Chennai where I was staying as a bachelor with some of my college friends ,Whilst almost everybody in the house and peolpe around me had a mobile phone , I did not have one. Though there has been many a advice from people on the convenience of this little gadget , I remain unconvinced.
I saw this little gizmo as an intrusion into my private time .

My top reasons against mobiles included some of these ,It is an annoyance to people , especially to those without one; It is not good for the heart , cause Impotency.. and i Had tons of links in google to prove , It kinds of brings work into your home ,It costs me time and Money for somebody else problems, worse I spend money to attend some sales call;

Well I never did buy a phone for a long time back in 2000 when something unexpected happened , This was my friend /Roommate Sanju going to the US on a short trip , Now sanju had a phone which he had to leave behind. and this phone has a prepaid card which needs to be recharged so that the number does not get expired .
Me being the staunch believer against the mobile revoloution kind of resisted but then I decided to give it a try. Well boy was I hooked , by the time Sanju came back , I had been addicted to SMS and eventually I ended up with Sanju's original SIM because the number had been more widesread amioong my firends than his.
After that I did buy a couple of phones all of them Nokia and I ended up gifting phone to my MOm , Dad brothers and my girlfriend ( She was one of the primary reasons for mobile phone believer conversion in me , Thank god for Free SMS ) .And suddenly travelling on a train with my battery charge running out it hit me ,How much i had got addicted to the gadget.
But it was too late , rather i enjoyed the conversion I believe , later I moved on to USA and here is when I became De-Mobile once again . having landed in US with no prior credit history . I once agin started to subscribe to my old philosophy of
I dont need a cell phone , but unliek in India in the states I was almost an alien.
Soon my answers to What is you cell phone number changed from
" I dont have one "
"I am looking around for one"
"Let me give you a ring to store it "

Guess that conversion was long time in the making . I seriously wonder if i ever had a chance of a Mobile -free life .
But having became Mobile I love it. It is a Motorola V551 , Camera phone . Polyphonic, bluetooth , WAP , MMS, Quad band , color display and what not..

So here I am back in the Wireless world

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