Saturday, July 10, 2004

Sleepless in Seattle
Months have passed by since I came to Seattle , life has changed a lot , it brought me a new set of friends a new set of people , time just whizzed past .I got a lot of new friends DK , Harish , JK , and many others . I am leaving this place tomorrow to east coast New jersy , I have an early morning flight but I am not able to sleep .. Sleep eludes me for some reason as it has been for the past few days . I never had a problem with sleep before , I always use d to sleep well and infact I used to be envied upon because of this strange trait to be able to sleep in midst of chaos in under 5 minutes .
well things have changed , Two months before I was married to my lady love and i am eagerly awaiting her to come to US . The sleepiness is partly due to her but I think I was stresses that last couple of weeks , I was in the midst of a move uncertainty and unforeseen forces pulling down a card pile.
Heart feels heavy I had got used to Redmond this place and the friends her ehave grown so dear to me .. I will surely miss them . But life it has a strange way of picking you up from the ground into the height and then throw you down but then it will come and take you soaring up again . It will it surely will.
I had gone to attend a Sat sang today by ISKCON , the speaker was a Sanskrit lecturer from the university of Dallas . He ha sbeen to India . Having a person from this land quote our texts made me bit envious and sad that I have not spend sufficient time in understanding an flearning such great texts beyond the story value ..
Guess one is always on a spiritual quest.. seatching for the purpose of ones existece .
work is worship . Anything you do do it in the spirit of bhakti ..
Every colonial rule has lasted a few centuries.. So how long will the American rule last , 5 percent of people of the world 50 percentage of the worlds resources..
Is that wha t powers the American dream , it is mathematically unachievable , is it why they call it the rat race . we are in it very much part of it .Somehow thoughts are in a turmoil ..
Sleep still eludes me .. I have a flight to catch ..
I guess I will lie down now.. Miles to go .. Miles.. To . go..

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