Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Week 2 in USA
well the second week was very different form first ,.During the weekend I had found a house
and I moved in all Indians in the house. 2 are from satyam one is from AT & T . The name are abhishek, mangesh . moorty and ashok
Mangesh you know right then slowly life is getting greener in USA . The last weekend we went to Seattle walked around and we went To a pub and generally hangs around . Sunday I went out and bought a sleeping bag . The rest of the days were busy with work .The work is quite challenging and exciting here they have a lot of meeting and They are active discussion forum for idea
and what I noticed here is testing team unlike the ones we have in India actively contributes to the betterment of the design from the design phase itself sharing valuable insights so that we get it right the first time itself and then I had developed a proof of concept of how the GUI will look like and the all tore it apart /. Everyone had their own idea.. on how it should look like but they all like the base design most of them wanted minor enhancements which I said I will update once we freeze it..
then this week there was a mail about home made delivery of Indian food on campus .
anyway me and Mangesh joined for it .so from next week we are supposed to get some good food.
for lunch or else were were mostly at mercy of pizzas and I being vegetarian was a problem .
but once you start cooking living in US is no problem at all for vegetarians..
here vegetables are affordable but Spices are very costly .. i found that out . when i brought some seasoning for 5$.
well i am not trying to convert here.
the week endede with me finishing assigned work and just before i was about to leave I got a lot more work be done..
anyway it is saturday her today i went to bank after getting up late and found that it just closed
so had a long walk back after buyng stuff from safeway .
made some dal and rotis and had.
so yet another week .. passes in usa
that is it for now..