Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Passport Photo Ripoff

I am miffed by the rip-off they call passport photos in places like walgreens.
You get your picture taken by a plain digital camera and then get charged like 8 bucks to get TWO prints..

For most people this is ok when they do like one passport photo probably there whole life. BUt if you have a family of say 5 , that is 40 $ .

Well to some extend I can understand the costing , pricing , employee wages what really gets on my nerve is that if you need just plain extra copies , you still pay 8$ for every additional two , Now that does not make any economic sense . There is not extra labour involved.

And this photo gets printed on a 4*6 photograph with 6 copies on it , they cut out 2 and dispose off 4 into trash ..

So time to get back with technology in this age of smart and savvy spending.
Check out this post by someone who got this whole expense down to 2 bucks setup ( if you alredy have a digital camera ) and less than $1 per 6 copies..

Got to love this great service which lets you resize photos the way you want to passport photo sizes

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