Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Rediscovering Shuttle

My recent not so good blood work has me taken up my old passion for sports , esp Shuttle . First and foremost shuttle is not a very popular sport in the US . I went to Academy , went to couple of sport store and none of them carry the feathers that we all love to play with , feathers are more nice as they give you more initial top speed and then a good drag allowing for more nicer shots that you can play and master like cuts and back hands.
I found a few good stuff online and got them ordered . I already lost a few pounds and according to Mrs Lee who is my family doctor within a year I could get back to maybe just a pill . WE south asians as a race has got addicted to rice. Cutting down rice is the important lesson that I learned in these last 3 weeks and also the amount of love and support that I am getting from my friends :-)

Love you all .

I wanted to write this post on shuttle but got sidetracked ,oh well will do that the next post

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