Saturday, August 16, 2008

Typo's and Misspells

I got some comments on one of my articles below , regarding misspellings and typo's and here is my reply. This is my own little real estate in cyberland . Like your house it could sometime be a mess sometime be pristine. I never proof read it especially an emotional piece like that one written over 7 years ago . The misspells are a nostalgic touch . For a spell check done tech site I write , Check out my profile.
I do appreciate feedback , but sometimes you just have to be what you are to enjoy y this digital life.

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Shashen said...

Good Day Abhilash,

I'm currently trying to get to grips with the basics of BizTalk and was looking for a simple article that explains what Biztalk is, rather than why people should buy it. I stumbled across yours on Code Project "Explaining the BizTalk Architecture to your Grandma" and found it very informative. Thanks again for making such contributions. I will definately be checking out the Biztalk cafe. Here in South Africa Biztalk seems to be entering into some limelight so I look forward to reading up on it.