Thursday, April 06, 2006

Good news ...A new Addition to the Family

My Mom was ectasic and then I realized the power of those words and the damage I ad already done . I immediately told her Mom It is not What you think .
I Could realize that she was not listening to my explanantion I wanted to clarify . Anyway me and Bin are married close to two years and the usual questions were popping out with a hint of that "you know what I mean voice " for some time now. So i guess it was my fault .And I casually take the question at face value and say the weathe is good/bad/raining today as if all she really cared when she called to chek on me is the weather gods mood . Anyway I clarified that our Guppies in our aquarium has given kids and they were so small that I did not realize it for almost two weeks. She did nto believe me . Bini takes care of all the fish flake although I was the one who was crazy about aquariums. And it was not until last week that I realized that there are baby fries in our tank .

Here goes a little picture of the guy mom ..(7x zoomed )

Now we have lot more baby fry last time I couted 7 they are really tiny . Guppies do breed fast or maybe it is becasue I got this tank as a ast year Valentine gift to Bini in the first place. Guess I will have to get a new tank now .

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