Friday, December 30, 2005

As the new year is dawning upon me..

I am sitting here ; staring at the big monitor . Not the typical work day today , half the office is empty. My mind races;
Another year is coming to an end . A new year is just around the corner , my mind is bogged down with thoughts; not the usual merry cheer that I was used to , Well this new year is suddenly different . What is it ? Is it that I am so far away from my family that is causing this questions to linger on in my mind ..?

I hear noises , Something a coffee machine maybe ? . God this place is real quiet today; almost like a .. grave..

I stare at the PC clock on the bottom ;it shows 10:50 .Governed by time are we ? Well things are different now , you know the world of email and sms, long gone are the days when you got a letter writtten by hand in paper; and your heart jumps in joy when opening that letter , anticipating who it is from ;and then you read it and fold and keep away safely often picking it up and reading it again and again and again. Time is changing.....

Some machine nearby has started to buzz .. Is some one terminaling in from home... That noise . it is driving me crazy ..

Do you remember a night of 2000 ?. The singing and the dancing , we were the happiest bunch I have ever known .I thought it wil last forever ;nothing lasts forever; Does it ? Does it ? Oh the promises; we will keep in touch , we will never
be out of touch .Will remain friends forever . Hollow were they; or did time crush the faith from us ? time.. ah ! Leave alone keeping it touch many of us dont even want to write in .. I have not written a letter is months. who has time these days or is that a pretext that we hide under..

That machine buzzing has stopped; Ah!

I got a new mouse an IR one , the guy at the store told me it will last forever . Does anything last forever . I wonder if anyone believes that any more . Not promises .. Not even memories . or do they ? Skipping classes , hanging out in the canteen , copying assignments , stting in the CP with Bashku(Our Principal/Dean) as a Damocles Sword hangin above . getting those recoerds in order, organizing protests against bees , the roses , the chocolate treaties, the letters and love letters . sessionals and internals, the secret codes and treaties . the cofees shop and the tea-stall .Memories....Are they fading away ;are they..?

The phone rings.. who can it be ..?

It is an old friend of mine . He wishes me a Happy year ahead . He is getting married .I wish him with all my heart . I am jolted out of my trance . I check my email I get a new mail it is Sanoop ,Wonderful card . Yes! Memories do last , some people still keep the faith , Thank you San . I gaze down at the clock it is 11:20 , Time to go for lunch . Bini should be calling anytime soon .

I guess I better send this email and not throw it away and hide under the pretext of lack of time. Let me wish all my friends and family a Very Happy new year.
Ah .. that feels good. !

Write in friends let us know you are all there...

keep the faith.....



Drug Rehab said...

Hi Abhilash,

You might find this awkward, but my name is also Abhilash Patel, living in Santa Monica these days. You can see my newest blog at (b/c you got the "abhilash" on blogspot!:)

I just wanted to wish you a wonderful New Year as well. Please keep up your good spirits! Sometimes being distant from our families can be a good thing, because it forces us to be self-sufficient and independent, but also very outgoing and personable. The universe is in perfect order, and your work will be extremely successful in due time, I have no doubt.

Great names think alike! Good luck with all that you do.

*Abhilash (another one)

Nish said...

Wow - so many Abhilashes around here! I wonder if non-Abhilashes can comment on this blog entry :-D

Abhilash said...

LOl YOu can Nish ! :-)