Friday, October 14, 2005

Me and Rosh

I did once promis that I will write about my cousins , and I did not know who to write about , each and every one is a a true gem himself but I wante dto start off with some one and I guess Rosh is a good start . Now Rosh is not her full name , It's Roshni .. Roshni as you know stands for light.. She is this bubbly character talks a lot.. and frequently goes eeeeeeeemmmmm..... whenever she is not able to control herself or is in a fit of joy anger or desperation ..

One of the things that Rosh had a profound impact on me was her sense of humour..
and I especailly remember a cute little song that she tought me ..

Canttenil samosa nokki nokki thinnumbol
endinenate kochetta enane nokanu...
manja manja bulbukal..
minni minni kathumbol endinenate kochetta enane nokanu

You need to know malayalam to appreciate that song.. but it's kida cute if you can picturize the whole scene in your mind of a girl sitting in a college canteen eating a samosa... under a dim yellow bulbs which are usually hall marks of college canteens and she sings that at a guy who is looking at her through the corner of her eyes.. I was in college and I liked a girl but I could relate to that song so much . I used to go to the cafeteria with my buddies and I used to look over my shoulder at this girl who used to sit with her own little group of friends.. Now 6 years later we are married .. but the memories.. remain .. of those place... the library and the canteen . .. and of course the samosaas....


Nish said...

Interesting character. I haven't met her yet! Hmmm!

dundusi said...

we used to sing this song when we are attending the YMCA camps (Uni-Y) was fun. We like this song very much....but i forgot the lyrics, and i was googling this song..found your link. The song starts like this...and a particular slang shud use.."privatyia busindiya honadiya kelkumbol...enthinente kochetta enne nokannu...................................manja manja bulbukal minni minni kathubol enthinente kochetta enne nokkannu"..if you have the full lyrics could you plz send me..thanks in advance!