Saturday, August 06, 2005

Corning Libra Picninc

The picninc was at Watkins Glen state park and me and Sanjeev started out around afternoon , we reached corning HQ where there was a bus picking all of us up , A good amount of people decided to drive up . We started out around 1 and reached Watkins Glen picnic site by around 2 , BY now everyone was hungry and without waiting we all decided to have food . The food was excellent ,
There was lobster as the main menu , I had neve eaten steamed lobster so it was an experience eating a lobster ...cracking out its shells and legs .( I had a food posinoning the same night but then that is a tale I rather not write about , trust me I had a hard time ) .

Well after a good food adventure we decided to play wiffleballl ,it is different version of baseball and if you are good at cricket you can pick up this game real well. It is really a fun game and I recommmend it as game which you can play in alleys and school hallways :D , I remember playing hallway cricket in school especially in the last day of school and the summer vaction starts .. WE used to play cricket with question papers tied with rubber ball , Everyone would be going off to their native places next day and you know you are not gonna see your buddies for another 2 months. SO you play like anything.. ah .. those good old childhood days . well getting back to picinc we played two rounds of wiffleball and we won one game and lost one and then the last game was a tie.

We later moved on indoors as the sun was scorching upon us and we had this really cool game called Marshmallow Engineers , (I dont knwo what the game was really called , Marshamllow engineers loks like a cool name ) . SO the game is about builiding the talles Marshamallo towers. THe tallest tower whihc stands stable for 30 secs atleast after the final whistle blows is decided the winner
Well strategies started pouring in and we decided to move with a pyramid structure a s building block . We had lot of fun building the tower , Although we were the runners up it was a lot of fun..

The winning marshmallow tower

After that the whole Librs project team was dedicated and although my contribution to Libra was limited to getting the Libra production system . It was a great feeling to be assosociated with such an intiative
The Gang

As we came down watkins glen in the evening; the evening sun had come out bathing the whole place in crimson .The glen had us enchanted . It was all in all a memorable day

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