Sunday, March 13, 2005

Non Classified Vegetarians

Well what do you know about Vegetarians o Vegans . Well I personally have known different kind of mystic vegetarians in my life. Notice the use of the word Mystic in the previous line .. well I dont think I can find a better word to replace it . well soe of you atleast who is reading this blog might be vegetarians and you have a picture of what a vegetarian is ..
So close your eyes and think about a vegetarian you know ..
Have you thought about it , you havent haven't you .. well do that ..
ok .. so cool you thought about a person.. now think of his food habits and then ponder some thoughts over what i have to say below..

A Vegan is one who eats plant and plant products alone . These are pure Vegans

Now if you drink mile you are not exactly a Vegan but a LACTO- Vegetarian , meaning you drink Milk you are one of this

I have another set of friends who eat egg they are classified as OVO Vegetarian

If you eat fish you are a vegetarian too :0 , Who would have believed they are callled PESO vegetarian
and if you eat fish and milk , you are termend Lacto-Peso Vegetarian ..

well so you see the word vegetarian has so many scientific classifications
Now let me introduce you to another set of vegetarians whom i broadly classify as
:) well Non Classified vegetarians

Proxo Female vegetarian
This particular set of people turn vegetarian in love . That sound complicated did it not . well No what it really means is these gentlemen turn vegetarian if the girl they love/like is a vegetarian and somehow the benefits of these vegetarian tendencies largely depend on the females approval in particular

Proxo Male Vegetarian
I dont think this needs any explanation , but statistics shows that this section of vegetarians are a far lesser breed than the one above

Location Based Vegetarians
These are again vegetarians at say one particular place . This could include being vegetarian at home and Non vegetarian outside . A lot of my friends from highly religious family lie here and this vegetarians carry some amount of risk of becoming pure vegetarians once they get married

Seasonal Vegetarians
These vegetarians are something of a fad . I am also a subsriber to this category myself when important challenges in life are faced there is a sudden subscription to this category of vegetarianisms. FAST, Noyambu , SAbarimala season are all examples of seasonal vegetarians . This group go on a pure fast for a period of time and then once the time slot is over turn back to even more aggressive non vegetarians with renewed vigour , although there are certain incidents in which these guys get stuck as permenant vegetarians.

Diet Vegetarians
These are folks who belogn to hte weight watchers club and goes by the looks and kill themselves with lettuce and cabbage ,to get into hour glass shapes . A large number of diet vegetarians fall out of this regime sooner rather than later

If you have anymore intersting classification of vegetarians that you think I shoudl add here email me are Abhilashms2--AT--GMAIL-DOT--COM

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