Monday, February 21, 2005

Money ,Money..Oh Money

Have you ever wondered looking closely at a currency held in your had , where all this currency has been , How many places it has traveled , What is its story , if they had a voice of their own , I am sure they will have a story to tell . To be frank I have wondered the same , more than once at different occasions for different reasons. So it instantly aroused the curiosity in me when I got a recent bill which has a message , Currency tracking study . Now there was a website which went along with it . This was a George Washington 5$ bill and I landed up in this cool website . This website is started by a personal hobbyist and so far he has send out tons of notes into circulation. He has notes which have traveled internationally far and wide. It is fun to browse the site. There is an equivalent site called for Canadian money . Maybe I should start one too. / /

Wow that sopunds cool , I am all excited ,I am in high spirits, I go and tell my wife about this idea. And then suddenly she tell me it is a now against the law to write on Notes in India ..

So down I come crashing down . Now that idea did not last too long.. Did it ?

Well just when I thought I had an idea to float a website... Ah.. Merci..

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