Thursday, August 19, 2004

The national Festival of Kerala Kerala
the place I love and love . They call it the God's own country.
National geographic rated kerala as one of the best 50 places of a Lifetime under Paradise found ,It comes unders the section exotic destinations like Hawai .
Coming back to Onam . This was our first Onam , when we say our first Onam I mean I got married this year . So really that is what I meant and I being a lover of fine food. Onam also means a grand feast with my friends

If you want to know what I mean .. Here take a look at this

well Rajeev , Jej ,Prateek and Priyanki , Gita and Sarit were our first Onam guests
After some nice food it is traditional to have some Onam games

It was a wonderful day . We had lot of fun...

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