Sunday, February 15, 2004

Valentine weekend.

Most of the restaurant here are pretty full and booked ,one of my friend was trying to get a quie evening with his girl friend and he finally managed a 4 - 5:30 reservation in the 8th restaurant he called.hmm is westerners more addicted to love ?Anyway this year Valentines day is on a Saturday. What a terrible loss, especially for those in college. This is one day i am sure they would love to have it a working day rather than a holiday .

Long before that is even previous to my days in TKM , I never believed in love ( No seriously I considered it a waste of time and one of the most stupidest way to screw up one's own time ) and then i had my own little theories about it

The dictionary meaning of the work according to Merriam Webster is unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.

Is that true .Is it so . Isn't one being just plain vanilla possessive at times. Is it not ones own self intersst that is ther in love .So is it ok to be possesive and still say you are in love , why do onw fall in love and not rise in love etc..etc.. ,questions questions.. well I had a lot of questions and arguements in my defense but then again I was proved wrong when i fell in love ,and now i know why some people day it is beyond definition.

Why simply because it is beyond definition , the basic human psycology is self interest and selfishness there is nothing wrong or right it in it , it is just the objective mind in oneself trying to sort stuff out in best interests of you , well is that not what Darwin’s origin of species is all about ,"The survival of the fittest" , hmm.. but then it is complicated whn a guy goes ahead and choses the girl next door over Ash ( if you asked Ash who ? Wake up dude !! ). So is that what they call the falling in love ..I wonder .. Is it not against the Survival of the fittest theory when a mother would risk her life over her own child is that not totally selfless . So is that the purest form of love or is that also a degree of possessiveness.. Curious thought

So let me dedicate this one moment to all those hearts in love and who has ever loved simply because

it requires goodness in ones heart to actually Fall in love, and it is good to have loved because it makes you a so much better person and a better human

well I don’t know why I am going on like this with this email , I think I am going on a mental trip again that i normally go on .. well speaking of valentine let me speak about my valentine

well maybe not not now not today
But here is a card i made with me and her

Valentine card

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