Thursday, December 18, 2003

Bitten by the BUG

Well It is me again . I have bitten by the BUG. No this is not the software bug or the bugs that
testers rais on you well thathappens regularly . So I am not talking about that ,it is the travel bug that has bitten me
So I find myslef in an
overwhelming desire to travle these days . my first few monthe is Us passesd wihout much of any
active evnts happening barring my finding a regular chess partner in Krishnan Duraiswamy whom
i call DK. So apart from my regular chess sessions with Dk whihc are mostly evenly matched
though i consider him a better opener and he considers me a better finisher
well i have never really asked who all play chess in our class . i know Viju plays chess and plays quite well
too . hey Viju wanna give it a shot , I play on yahoo too,
See my yahoo ratings
Rating: 1354
Games Played: 39
Wins: 22
Losses: 16
Draws: 1
Games Abandoned: 1
Streak: won 11

so am enjoying a good wining streak .so anyone interested in playing is more than welcome
as i am always on the lookout fro a good game .but i havent been playing for a while why , coz as i said before i have
been bitten by the travel bug or TB
So I have been travellign to a host of places
My first trip was last month during thanksgiving wherein i visted mostly southwest america when i covered
the mystic grancanyon , the sensational Las vegas, amazing Hollywood and the world famous Universal studios
My second trip was to Elevenworth .
My third trip is going to be a road trip through north west through oregon country , crater lake , San Jose , and Yosimitti national park
My fourth and final !! ( yeah final) trip is to new york wherein i plan to visit times square and statue of liberty and
do the gray line tour of new yourk

I dont think i would be doing any more trips in US for some time